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Welcome to Equity Multipurpose Cooperative Society (DPR)

Promoting the economic and social wellbeing of our members.



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Help & advice for
coorperative members

Equity Multipurpose Coorporative Society goes the extra mile to offer its members valuable help and advice around their finanaces and money management.

Financial Support

We provide sustainable and safe financial support for all members through experienced financial advisors ensuring they have access to their savings and assets when they need it.

Investment Opportunities

Our members enjoy the least stressful and risky ways to save, invest, and improve personal welfare. We work to ensure their investments are safe.

Real Estate Development

We brings the once-unattainable world of real estate investment directly to our members by combining technology with strategic partnerships

Membership Rewards

Our commitment will always be about the welfare of our members. We specifically work towards ensuring the financial security of all our members.


Equity Multipurpose Cooperative Society was launched in 2012. With consistent growth, we have seen our membership number almost hitting 400 members.



Our members enjoy Financial Independence, Asset Management, Mutual Cooperation and Investment Planning. 

Our Mission

To add vale for members by creating avenues for asset acquisition

Our Vision

To empower members towards attaining Financial Independence

Our Objectives

To promote the economic and social wellbeing of its members.

Our Values

We hold to these values, which govern our conduct with the general public, our government and co-operative partners, members and other stakeholders.


We work in concert with our stakeholders to achieve separate but complementary goals.


We promote the open and honest sharing of knowledge and information, while guarding the privacy of individuals.


We esteem our clients and member at all times and treat them fairly and with consideration.


We challenge ourselves constantly to find fresh approaches that will lead to ever-better outcomes for our partners.


We earn the confidence of our co-operative and government partners through exceptional service and consistent performance.


We answer to our members and partners for the results we achieve as responsible stewards of the programs entrusted to us.

Member Benefits

Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with Rural Homes Ltd on the Karmo Modern Market project. Our members get a a chance to invest in this modern market fully equipped with essential amenities and modern infrastructure.

Karmo Market

Progress report Pictures for July 2019

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